Friday, November 25, 2005

It has been quite a week.

On Sunday, my daughter was dealing with a fever from what we thought was a simple urinary tract infection. By the middle of the afternoon, her temperature had spiked to 105 degrees!!! I threw her in the car and headed to the hospital.

When we got there, her heart rate was 148 and her temperature was 103.6 in the ear. They quickly put her on a monitor and fluids. She was spotting and we were concerned about the baby, but they didn't seem to be to worried. By 7:00 pm, she was admitted. We found out that she had a kidney infection and, unfortunately, her pregnancy hormone levels were dropping. We held onto hope.

On Monday, we fought the temperature all day. She was spotting, but no cramping, there was still hope. Sadly, the cramping began in the middle of the night. Her boyfriend was with her, I had gone home to get some rest. She lost the baby around 5:00 am. I returned around 6:30 and we went through a harrowing morning. She ended up losing between 4 & 5 pints of blood and had to have a D&C.

She's extremely weak and sad, but we are finally home.

It was a scary experience. It was also a very sad time. I still feel the urge to cry when I think about it. I'm praying that she allows herself to grieve her little one. We will never know, this side of heaven, whether it was a little girl or little boy, but we know that Lord has a purpose and that He is good.

We've spent the last two days trying to get the house back into shape, get some laundry washed, and get some rest. I'm feeling a need to get some alone time-I need to reflect and give it all to the Lord.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Two more down! The stocking was actually knitted on my knitting machine last year, but my computer had quit working, so I had to duplicate stitch the design on. I meant to get them done much earlier in the year, but you know how that goes!! It actually went pretty quick, once I got started. I have 7 more to do before Christmas!!
I've been quite busy working on some Christmas orders, Christmas gifts, and baby sweaters. I have a couple of projects that will be done today. I often feel overwhelmed, but I'm trying to limit my computer time and really keep my hands busy. After this baby sweater, I'll only have one other that needs to be done before Christmas.

Our life has gotten a bit interesting, again. Oldest dd has moved back home. Things have been going well, but it requires us getting used to it again. Since she is expecting, I'm glad that she is home, getting better rest and a much better diet.

Well, I'm going to go put in "The Bishop's Wife" and work on finishing a Christmas stocking and the baby sweater.

Oh, it finally snowed!!! It's been so warm here, I was having trouble getting into the holiday spirit. Now, we have snow and I'm feeling all warm and cozy (when I'm not battling the nasty side of PMS!!).

Friday, November 11, 2005

Life is plugging along. Some days are so intense. God is so good! I can't begin to describe the profound and miraculous ways He has worked in recent days. His protection, His plan, His will, will not be thwarted. PRAISE GOD!!!