Friday, May 21, 2010

I can't believe it's been six weeks since I last posted! So much has gone on. It has been a busy spring!

Sadly, another old friend suddenly passed away in early May. She suffered a massive stroke. She was such a fun and lively spirit, she will be greatly missed, but I'm sure Yeshua is giggling about now!

The main focus of most of April and May has been preparing for my son's wedding. We are 9 days away!! In the middle of preparation, he found out he needed to find a different place to live than first thought and so we had a new challenge. Thankfully, our friends who lost their daughter, our sweet Elaina, had just learned that they needed to rent out her house and were very nervous about getting the wrong person in there. Within a couple of days, my son showed up at the door and explained his dilemma. He moved in a week later. It is bittersweet, but we are thankful that he can do this for Elaina and her parents.

We moved him in the same day we had the last shower (of 4) for our new daughter-in-law. That made for a long day, but it was very productive. We had a nice shower and as a result of the generosity of so many wonderful family and friends, they've really got a good start for their first home together.

I'm looking forward to a fairly peaceful weekend. All of my projects for the wedding are finished except for one and that one I can do at my leisure. We've got my niece's graduation party and ceremony, a trip to the races, and the LOST finale planned, plus the promise of beautiful weather, should be a good pre-wedding weekend!!

Just because she's so beautiful!!!