Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It has been an eventful summer! We've just returned from Colorado where our daughter was married on Saturday. We were able to travel with several dear family and dear friends! It was truly an amazing week and we were constantly reminded of how truly blessed we are!

The bride and groom just after we entered Colorado.

The Rockies!

The bride and groom overlooking Rocky Mountain National Park

View of the Flattop Mountains from Stillwater Reservoir

The moon coming up from atop a mountain!

Heading up to our favorite spot overlooking some glorious scenery!

Some of that scenery!

Some more of the view

A very friendly chipmunk!

Sheriff's Reservoir

Beautiful stream flowing down from the reservoir.

How can anyone deny there is a God!

Our lodge

The Colorado River

Relaxing in the lodge

Me and my dad!

More relaxing in the lodge night before the wedding.

The lodge

Wedding day!

Mom and Dad

Dad and daughter

Happy Mom and daughter!

What a beauty!!!

Two happy moms!

We were surrounded by those we love and those who love us! It was an amazing week, an amazing day, and an amazing wedding! We made memories to last a lifetime!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Just a few highlights from our bridal showers!

How well does she know her fiance? Marshmallows for wrong answers!

Perfect gift for my girl who loves to bake!

Grandma made her this awesome afghan!

Our favorite little one!

Three of our favorite girls in the whole world!

My new daughter-in-law sharing some insights from God's Word.

Rug woven by my mother-in-law.

Quilt by grandmother-in-law!

This time I got to answers questions, too!

Before the shower began, I dropped a table on my ankle. Lots of ice and trying to keep it up. I'm not able to spend too much time at the computer because it starts to ache. It's a nasty bruise! I've never had one quite like this before. Maybe I'll get caught up on my knitting now!

Monday, August 02, 2010

A whole month, gone! We're down to less than 4 weeks until my daughter's wedding! We actually only have 3 weeks left to get things done though! We've had two showers in the past week and have two this week for another friend getting married. We've got over 50 dozen cookies to get baked and frozen!

Not only has it been a physically demanding time, but we've been on emotional roller-coaster. God is faithful! He's getting us through! So many things we're looking forward to, yet so much sadness for a time of our life that's now ending. We are truly blessed and I can't be more grateful to God for taking two sinners and loving through them with His grace and mercy. I can't thank Him enough for giving us life and hope and joy and peace. For opening our eyes and letting us see Him. What an awesome God!