Monday, August 02, 2010

A whole month, gone! We're down to less than 4 weeks until my daughter's wedding! We actually only have 3 weeks left to get things done though! We've had two showers in the past week and have two this week for another friend getting married. We've got over 50 dozen cookies to get baked and frozen!

Not only has it been a physically demanding time, but we've been on emotional roller-coaster. God is faithful! He's getting us through! So many things we're looking forward to, yet so much sadness for a time of our life that's now ending. We are truly blessed and I can't be more grateful to God for taking two sinners and loving through them with His grace and mercy. I can't thank Him enough for giving us life and hope and joy and peace. For opening our eyes and letting us see Him. What an awesome God!

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