Sunday, August 29, 2004

So much I want to say

I've been thinking about this blog for quite awhile. I have so much I want to say regarding faith, life, politics, the media-it could go on and on.

I guess the easiest thing is to start with what I've been dealing with lately.

I had a mammogram. Routine. Makes me nervous. We live in a world that seems gripped by fear at every turn. We're afraid to speak up for what we believe in. We're afraid of what we eat, afraid of what we don't eat, afraid of disease, afraid of terrorists, afraid of politians, on and on and on. It's crazy. So now, I wait. I'm trying not to be fearful or anxious, my faith and my belief in the Lord tells me not to be. I know that I am not productive when I'm afraid. So, I'll write, I'll knit, I'll function. I have nothing to fear and I'm tired of everyone telling me to be afraid. My God is good and He can be trusted!

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