Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I should be in bed, I stayed up this late last night and it didn't bode well for me this morning, but I'm not feeling to bad, so here I am.

It seems like it's just been a crazy past four weeks. Two new babies, baby calves, beautiful spring weather, followed by cool and wet! The past 5 days have been rather stressful.

First, a little girl at our monthly skating party had to go to the hospital after a nasty fall (Praise God, she's okay). Next, found out the largest employer in a town might not be here much longer. Then, get home and my dear friend's husband calls, he needs a special prayer request-there 19-month-old had just fallen from the top of the basement stairs to the cement floor below and he was following the ambulence to the hospital. In the meantime, another friend was experiencing contractions and she's only 25 weeks along. She is currently in the hospital on strict bedrest. They are praying for another 3 weeks in mommy, that would make baby's chances much better.

Wow! No wonder I'm exhausted!

I've been knitting, too! I'm working on J.J's sweater, the Dale Ladybug sweater. It's coming along pretty nicely. I'm still trying to decide whether I'm going to adapt the pattern so that I don't have to steek or just go for it! I'm going to work on some preemie hats for the newest one, that way the baby will have something cute to wear while stuck in the hospital.

I'm trying to avoid those things that get me worked up. I'm tired of evil being called good, and good being called evil. I'm amazed at the horrible things I've read in recent days about Christians and their "motives". I've got news for them, we aren't going to take over the world-God's already got that under control. I'm finding myself praying for the lost way more often, they have no idea what lies ahead.

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