Tuesday, March 03, 2009

As I watch the awesome miracles and changes that God is working in so many lives, I can't help but be encouraged and strengthened in my own faith.

My friend who just had brain surgery almost died last Thursday as blood clots made their way into his heart (a 7 cm one!) and lungs. If not for the anesthesiologist and the surgeon who "just happened" to on call and available, if not for where he was, Mayo, if not---the list goes on and on, he would not have made it. All the doctors are astonished as the way things keeping "working out". Those of us who have been praying know that God is fully in control and that He is the one working out all the details, bringing glory to Himself and a precious testimony to all those involved. I know that my friend will rise from all of this with a faith so strong that nothing will be able to break it.

This past weekend was spent with a dear friend, laughing, crying, talking. I watched her soften and find hope. What a blessing. She recommitted herself to the Lord on Sunday evening. How awesome is this God I serve!!!

Many other things have been happening also, and I've just been sitting back taking it all in. He is good! It's made me refocus and get busy dealing with some of my own issues--my weight, running to food for every emotion and for no emotion. I need to be running to Him. Praise Him that He is faithful, patient, slow to anger, and mercifully forgiving!!

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Rebecca said...

He IS good! And, our trials strengthen us and draw us closer to Him.....I love hearing 'miracle' stories. They are always a reminder to me how awesome our God is!