Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's been a strange week. I've heard of three marriages in serious trouble, another break-up for an unmarried couple, and a couple of deaths, not to mention equipment breakdowns around here that are not going to be cheap (but, that's temporal, I'm more concerned with the eternal).

The relationships are the things that bother me. In two of those relationships, the issues seem to sit squarely on the wives shoulders (I realize it "takes two to tango"). These marriages could be saved if the wives would think about what they are doing, what matters for eternity, and how God would have them to live. The husbands aren't perfect, who is, but they don't want these divorces. Children are involved, which just makes matters worse. I know what it's like to be the product of divorce and I struggle with having put my oldest through that. No matter how hard we try, there are serious consequences to our actions. There are times when divorce is the only option, in these two cases, it isn't.

We live in a world that has chosen to believe the lies of the devil. He is the "father of lies". He cannot tell the truth. He is constantly working to deceive us, it started in the Garden of Eden!! He wants us to believe that the world's way of doing things is the best, that God's ways are oppressive, that "I'm" the most important thing in my life and I have to do all that I can to look after myself because no one else is going to do it for me. Baloney! It's all hooey! Our society is so self-absorbed, it can't see the forest for the trees.

Women, especially, (particularly in this day and age) have been brought up to believe that men are dogs (lie!), that they only care about themselves (lie!), that love is all about romance and tingly feelings (lie) and that if you aren't getting that, move on (big lie!). They are taught that they shouldn't "submit" or serve their husbands (lie!), that their husbands can fend for themselves and we shouldn't have to cook or clean for them (lie!) and not only that, they should help us to do all the stuff we don't want to do even though they've worked all day (lie!). We've been taught that it's more fulfilling to work outside our home and let someone raise our kids (lie!) and that "we can have it all!" (lie!).

We live in a disposable world. If it doesn't work or requires to much effort, throw it out and get a new, improved model. To heck with the repercussions and consequences. It will all work out in the end. How sad!

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Cecilia said...

great rant!