Friday, February 28, 2014

It's been a very long time since I have felt the desire to write in my blog. The last post that I attempted to write was going to be a memorial post to a very dear friend that I lost to cancer in October.  In reality, I lost her several years ago as a result of a falling out between my uncle and her.  It was a sad way for the relationship to end.  It was a relationship that I would last until the end of their days.  She had loved him since she was very young.  Unfortunately, it didn't make it.

I had known her since I was 9 and she was 16.  She was the glamorous younger sister of my uncle's new bride.  They were very well off and she was, in my 9-year-old opinion, very sophisticated!  She was a beautiful blonde with a warmth that was infectious!  I loved being in her company and she never treated me as a child.  She was simply wonderful.

I felt that way about her throughout her entire life, even when I struggled to understand the choice she made in the relationship at the end.  It is not a route I would have taken, but she took it.  Sadly she passed away never having reconciliation.  I pray that she was able to forgive.

These last few months have been very busy and have had some very hard moments.  I lost another dear friend in December.  The sweetest spirit you could have ever known!  Over 400 people showed up for her funeral and packed out the church.  We lost another dear friend just weeks ago and another just yesterday.  We are getting quite a congregation up in Glory!  There is a bit of jealousy from those of us left behind. 

Our granddaughters are growing and maturing.  They are just wonderful to spend time with! We are excited to be awaiting the arrival of the next two in May.  They fill my heart with joy!

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