Monday, May 05, 2014

Spring is trying so hard.....

Spring is trying so hard to spring!  We get a day or two of warmth and then we go back to chilly.  There have been many dreary days this spring, as well, but this week looks promising and we've had quite a bit of sun over the last couple of days.  We were able to get to our local Tulip Festival last week and took a trip back today to see more of the tulips.  Many of them had not bloomed last week due to the cold temperatures, but there were several more popped out today.

I think this tulip was my favorite.  It was like a carnation inside of a tulip.  Just beautiful!

But....not as beautiful as this darling little girl!

These are some pretty big shoes to fill!



My beautiful daughter-in-law, heavily pregnant with our third grandchild taking a photo of my mom and my granddaughter.

We are eagerly anticipating the phone call that things are in motion. She is a few days past her due date so we are praying for baby to make his/her appearance this week.  Grandbaby number 4 will make his/her appearance the end of this month.  Our cup is overflowing!!

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