Friday, July 11, 2014

I feel lost....My routine for the past 11 years has come to an end.  I begin a project, dishes, laundry, a bath, with the expectation it will get interrupted by a bark, followed by another bark, followed by a very impatient bark, followed by another.  I wake up in the morning ready to let her out, only to have to let her back in in a few minutes.  For the past several months, she had been my shadow, my constant companion, and even my protector (even when she had no reason to protect me).  I feel my own home.  Not sure how to start something, let alone finish it.  I have kept busy this week, babysitting our beautiful grandchildren, lunch with friends, first day spent at home....I feel lost....

My beautiful, Liberty.  From the moment I saw you when you were 7 weeks old playing in front of the ARL, I knew you were mine.  Your expressive eyes and face won me over.  You spoke loud and clear!  You took over the couch and eventually graduated to your own chair!  You loved to go for walks and would get so excited when I started to put on my shoes, but nothing made you happier than riding in the combine in the fall!  You loved homemade pizza, Sunday night cheese and meat, and especially chocolate chip cookies!  You made me laugh.  You gave me more joy than you could have ever known.  There will never be another one like you!

Oh, how you loved your chair!

Rest in Peace, Liberty.  7-6-2014

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