Monday, September 19, 2016

It's fall already....

The entire summer has gone by and I haven't blogged! It's been nearly 5 months! It's is good! It is busy and filled with darling little people, fun times, and lots of studying!

The grand-girls are growing by leaps and bounds and they bring us so much joy and laughter! They are so distinctly different and yet, so similar in some ways. It's exciting to watch their little eyes open with wonder as they learn and experience new things every day! Our oldest doesn't turn 5 until December, but she is already doing first grade math and reading...very proficiently. She is so engaged in learning, as are all the others, but she is at a new level and it thrills my heart to watch as she moves forward academically. However, academics are not the goal in this life and I am beyond excited to watch their faith grow. All of them love to learn about God and His creation, His Word. They are now going to Sunday School and enjoying Awana's. On one hand, it is difficult to comprehend how fast the past 5 years have gone and that they are old enough to be doing these types of activities, and on the other hand, time continues to show just how quickly it goes as we grow older. I try to seek the blessing each day in both of those differences.

To add to all of the joy, we are eagerly awaiting the births of our two youngest grandchildren! Our daughter's child is due to make his/her arrival in just a few weeks! Baby is growing quickly now and Mommy is getting uncomfortable, but all is well and we are bursting with excitement! Our youngest with make her arrival at the end of about 5-7 weeks later. Mommy and baby are also doing well and we are thankful to be able to share this with her while Daddy serves his deployment. It will be difficult having Daddy gone, but we hope we can help to make it a special and wonderful time and we are very grateful for all the technology available to us today that will allow him to be able to see his new child in real time.

I am also thoroughly enjoying working on my doula certification. So much I had learned in college is serving me well now, but there is so much that is significantly better than what I was taught. I am excited to put into practice what I'm working through in order to help women recognize the power in and of themselves, places there by God to do the job He created them to do! Birth should not be medicalized, pregnancy is not a disorder or disease, technology has really done a disservice to the labor and birth process. Yes, technology and medical intervention has a place, but it should be a last resort, and can be if women are supported properly during pregnancy and labor/birth.

Some days I just like to sit quietly for a few minutes and bask in the mercy and grace of our wonderful God and Savior! This morning is one of those moments. The sun is shining. The breeze is gently stirring the drying corn and coming gently in through the front window, keeping it cool and comfortable in here. Our cattle are lowing...their babies are at the vet getting their check-up. They will soon be reunited and all will become calm and quiet again.

Life is good. It is not easy. It is hard to miss those we love so many miles away. is good because God is good and His mercies are new every morning. May we never forget or take for granted His goodness.


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