Friday, February 02, 2007

It is freezing!! My little girlies are coming this weekend and we are going to be stuck in the house. It makes me nervous having to get out in the frigid air and with two 5-year-olds, I really don't like it. But, this is really only weekend that we can for awhile and it's hard to explain it to them if we have to change dates. It should be okay, I'm going to buy some snacks and I've already got them some Polly Pockets and puzzles, so with a good movie, we should be just fine.

Last night, my mom and my two daughters and I went to see "The Phantom of the Opera". Oh my goodness!!! It was absolutely wonderful! I've listened to the music, seen the movie, but had never been to the play. I would highly recommend it! By the end of the play, I was so lost in the music and the story, oh.

We're having little lambs. I'm hoping they slow down during this cold snap.

As challenging as it is, I'm trying to stay on top of the political situation. Since our state became controlled by the Democrats they are having a gleeful time rushing legislation from committee to the floor to the governor and boom, we have new laws! I'm checking the website everyday to follow what's going on and I'm letting my senator know how I feel. I need to be doing the same thing on the federal level, but I'm not sure I can stomach it. The level of hype and self-promotion is making me sick.

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