Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm quite tired and sad. A friend and I were discussing how we can be on a mountaintop and in a valley at the same time. God is truly doing amazing things through the Bible studies I've been working on and the excitement is growing among all the women involved. They are so challenged and convicted and are allowing God to really break the chains that keep them from true freedom in Christ. God has led me to a new way of eating and He's blessed me with 3 pounds gone! He's helping me to come to terms with some things that are not His perfect will, but certainly not out from under His permissive will. He's breaking other women free from legalism, prejudice, judgmentalism and on and on. Oh the mountaintop!

But, the valley is sad right now. It was so hard to go to our family visitation for Grandma Betty. Grandpa Fred is so heartbroken right now. His beautiful bride no longer responds with joy when she sees him. Please pray for him.

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