Friday, June 29, 2007

This week has been a good week. I was able to get my house clean and actually enjoyed doing it. I was the only one home that day and it made it go so much easier! Our knitting group met that night and we had a nice time. I'm enjoying getting to know the ladies involved. One lady (you know who you are!) brought her granddaughter to learn to knit and she picked it up like nobody's business and she's 8. I was way impressed!!

I was able to get some relaxation in for a couple of days which has just been wonderful. God began telling me on Monday that I needed to get rest and relaxtion and He drove the point home in a big way because the lesson from Breaking Free was on exactly that! She pointed out that if we don't get that rest, we are not in God's Will.

God has been tying so many things together for me lately, it's very exciting! He's using Breaking Free and the Lord's Table right now and I'm often amazed at how the lessons go together. Today's-for both-was on abiding in Christ! So cool!

God has also been educating me lately on "the least of these". He continues to open my eyes to the needs of the mentally ill, the brokenhearted, the captives, and the prisoners. Again, His timing is amazing!

I'm almost done with my sweater for myself, which is very exciting! I'm excited about my next project but I don't want to spoil it, it's a gift for a dear friend!

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