Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Last night we took part in one of the things that I love about Iowa, the county fair parade. We were walking for our favorite candidate www.adamvandall.com. The closer we got to town, the darker the clouds were getting and we were seeing lightening. Ever the optimist, we parked and headed for our spot in the parade.
We had a good group walking with us. My mom is in the middle!

We were visited by Ronald McDonald. He's a great guy!!

The rain held off and we were able to take part in the parade. The crowd wasn't as big as most years, but I'm sure those threatening clouds kept quite a few people at home.Kim Schmett, our candidate for the federal legislature was also walking.
We were also celebrating the 2nd anniversary of when Adam and E were introduced (by me--I asked her to walk for him, she agreed, and the rest is history!!). He couldn't remember her name, and since we were so hot and kept discussing ice cream and her love of the confection, he kept calling her the "ice cream girl". In just the last few months, they've become quite serious--well, the relationship is serious, they are anything but!!
After the parade, Adam and Em had their ice cream toast and then we were off to the fair. I got to see several people that I haven't seen in awhile and got to enjoy a black cherry snocone and a corndog!! It was a late night (after a long, electricity free day due to the storms on early Monday).

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