Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My life continues to be somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster. Some have suggested peri-menopause, which is highly likely since my mom was the same age when she started into it. I have also had a couple of broken blood vessels in my hand in recent months, which could be linked to my thyroid, which has always been a possibility. Now, maybe they'll take me a bit more seriously.

Anyway, I took part in a meeting last night in gearing up for the Republican State Convention this weekend. It could be very interesting. It's interesting to note just how grassroots the effort to come up with our state platform has been. Many would argue that the platform is irrelevant. I would beg to differ. That's where the "little guy" gets to set some policy and tell their leadership what it is they expect out of them. When we held our caucuses in January, we had the largest turnout ever. The rooms for each of the precincts were overflowing. People were volunteering for the conventions, people were contributing planks for the platform. The enthusiasm continued at each convention. People want change, but it isn't the kind of change the Democrats are touting.

They want accountability, they want limited government, they want moral values upheld and championed. They are tired of compromise, of apologies, and of wishy-washy leadership. From the tiniest of precincts, they want something new, something better, something different.

It's time to give it to them!

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