Thursday, August 07, 2008

Festivities for my niece's wedding began a couple of weeks ago with mint making, program cutting and finishing. We have such an awesome family, the guys didn't complain, they just jumped right in and helped with everything!

We enjoyed supper following all of the work. There were horrific storms going on, but we felt pretty safe and had a good time.

Today, we went to help decorate the reception hall and I took the stole that I knit for C. I'm really happy with it, it came out quite lovely.

The decorations are simple, but will be quite pretty. Despite complicated family situations, we're looking forward to enjoying a respite and just having some fun.
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Constance said...

Oh, these photos make me feel so homesick! The view outside the window, the way the men and women look and dress, the hall all reminds me of where and how I grew up.

Your shawl turned out beautiful. I'm sure your niece loved it and will always treasure it. Probably her children and their children too!