Friday, October 10, 2008

I know I've been quiet lately. I've been pondering several things in my life and it has made me quite reflective and a little unwilling to expose myself.

But, today, I had a phenomenal God appointment and I'm still reeling over what it might mean.

I was supposed to be going to pick up my natural food co-op order, but realized that I had forgotten my checkbook, again. Since I'm going back to town tomorrow, I decided that the co-op order could wait and instead I just headed for the grocery store. If I had not done that, I would have possibly missed my appointment with an old friend.

Strangely, we had not seen each other for awhile and I've seen her twice in the last week. The first time, it was just sort of in passing, it was obvious that we were both in a hurry. Tonight, we made a point of connecting.

She had a young girl with her and I found out that they had adopted her about 1 1/2 years ago. She's beautiful. In our conversation I found out that this precious little girl had been so badly beaten up until the age of 5 that she couldn't speak. She used a type of sign language that she had created. My heart hurt so badly. The woman that I use to help, the one I miss with all of my being, has a similar history.

That little girl is now almost 9. She is in a home where they love her and are doing their best for her. They have her in therapy and are surrounding her with godly people. I told her about my daughter's ministry and hopefully, she'll be joining us for that in a couple of weeks. I also was able to tell my friend about my new Bible study coming up. God's timing is always so perfect.

I can't explain why God is helping this little one and it doesn't seem as if He helped my friend when she was a child. It hurts to know that she has gone through life so fractured and trapped inside herself. I can only pray that God will heal her mind and her heart and that it will bring glory to Himself.

The church is failing miserably. God helps us.

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