Monday, October 20, 2008

It's after 10:00 pm, I'm tired, I've had a nasty stomachache all day and this evening, it's harvest and we have to get hogs sorted tonight (hubby and son are doing it) for our first load that goes out at 7:00 am tomorrow morning. I'm pooped.

I'm tired of politics. I'm tired of the bickering, the division, the sniping and meanness. I usually enjoy politics, I enjoy being a part of the process, being heavily involved, but this year, not so much. This country is so divided along ideological lines that it's scary. It almost seems as though we could have a civil war, or maybe we should call it an "uncivil" war, because no one seems to know how to be civil anymore.

One thing I know, God is still Sovereign, He's still on His throne, and I can trust Him, regardless of what happens in this great land of ours.

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