Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm leading a new Beth Moore study, Stepping Up. I love it! She's taking us through the Psalms of Ascent--Psalm 120-Psalm 134.

She has us rewrite each Psalm in our own words and to fit our own circumstances, emotions, and/or situations.

I'm stepping out here and I'm going to share mine with "the world" (at least the ones I have done currently).

My Psalm 120

Oh Lord, I cry out to you and I know that You will answer.
Rescue me, Lord, from those who wreak havoc by lying and being deceitful.
You will punish them for their blaspheming, for their deceit.
Like a swift arrow or a raging fire, you will punish them.
Woe to me that I live in a land that has turned from you,
that has turned from You,
that I live amongst those that deny and blaspheme Your name.
It seems like forever, living among those who hate you.
I love you Lord and I want others to also,
but when I speak of You and Your Word,
they scoff.

My Psalm 121

I raise my eyes towards you, Lord.
The journey doesn't seem as long that way.
You will guide and lead me;
despite what my fear and doubts try to say.
Even though I'm not sure-footed,
You will not let me slip or fall.
You hold me up, you don't let go.
You don't need to sleep and I never get to heavy for you.
Lord, you are my protector. You keep me safe.
Nothing in this world can harm me, it can't get through you!
You are with me. All the time and You will guard my life and my heart.

My Psalm 122

I have rejoiced when people have said "Let us go to church and worship."
I have loved and enjoyed those times.
Some days it is more of a struggle now,
Lord, restore your joy!
Guide us from the wilderness we are in.
Convict, bring repentance, renew our first love!
Lord, there is great opportunity where you have placed us.
May we be a light shining in the darkness of our town.
Lord, may those in our small town find joy and peace in You.
May they seek Your face!
Thank you, Lord, that you are right here with us!!

My Psalm 123

O Lord, you are enthroned above all.
Your servants surround you, ready to do Your will.
I will try to keep my eyes turned towards you;
away from the scorn and negativity that is everywhere.
Show me your favor and kindness, Lord!
Keep me on your path.
Be merciful to me, as I have failed You to often.
Fill me with your love and mercy, so that I will remember who I belong to and who is in charge!
Help me to pass on that love and mercy to those around me!

My Psalm 124

If you, Lord, have not been on my side,
I don't know how I would have made it this far.
I would have been an ugly, hateful person,
but, You rescued me from myself!
How can I thank you enough?!
You rescued our family, you gave us hope and a purpose.
Without You, I see only pain!
Even though I still wander and struggle as a result of my own sin,
I know You are for me!
Nothing can separate us!
You will finish the job you started in me and I will become more like you!

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