Friday, October 16, 2009

So, I did it again! I allowed myself to get sucked in on Ravelry. I've been avoiding most of the political discussion, as well as social discussions for quite some time and was getting a lot more knitting done and had a much better emotional well-being. Well, due to the dust-up in Remnants and on the Big Six, a couple of other groups were opened up for the more controversial subjects. These wouldn't require debate, etc., just places to discuss. That was the premise. Unfortunately, it's the same old bullies refusing to believe that they just might be wrong. Heck, they just might be bigots and prejudiced. Well, I don't need that. I've felt myself seething under the surface for a couple of days and I hate the way that makes me feel. So, I've shaken the dust, again, and quit all the more liberal groups. Sadly, the conservative groups are pretty darn boring and I quit my religion groups a couple of weeks ago, so I'm back to getting a lot of knitting done! That is a good thing!

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Tammy said...

Oh I hear ya! It's so easy to get drawn in... but the stress just isn't worth it. Knit on! :)