Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The past couple of weeks have been quite frustrating on many levels and yet, God still speaks!

Following Elaina's death, I had my first visit to a chiropractor. Thankfully, he's my pastor's son, so I wasn't too nervous. All the stress from her death and the subsequent funeral had settled in my neck and shoulders and I was miserable! He got that taken care of, although I need another visit. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my second appointment because of another more intimate health issue that arose. That one kept me down for four days! Before I was completely over that (well, I'm still on antibiotics), it was time for Women of Faith (more about that in a minute). During Women of Faith, we found out that my niece was being taken to the children's hospital for an infection/abscess. She'd been in the local hospital for 2 days and they were not getting results so they sent her to the big hospital. It was difficult to concentrate on Women of Faith after that so my mom and I left early and went over to the hospital. In the time that we were there, they saw four doctors, including the surgeon! We were all very impressed and excited that they were going to be able to bring relief to her quickly.

That evening brought more drama and disappointment into our life. I can't discuss what happened, but it wasn't pretty. It makes me so sad when believers place secular things over and above their Christianity.

The next day brought more difficult news, drama, and disappointment! I can't talk about that one either, but God is working it out.

Women of Faith was really quite good this year. March is my difficult month for dealing with my anxieties and fears. Almost every speaker spoke to those issues in one way or another.

Patsy Clairmont was awesome. I picked up her new book. She spoke about the tools to overcoming our anxieties and fears-many things I've learned through the years and just needed to be reminded about.

Andy Andrews, however, was my favorite. He spoke about many of the same things and talked about our having purpose. He spoke about seeking wisdom and putting the good things into our minds. Today I read this in his book The Traveler's Gift, "Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. Failures make their decisions slowly and change their minds quickly."

I've seen this in action. We've been surrounded by people who change their minds constantly, unable to stick with any decision and we've discovered how absolutely destructive it is to the person and to those around them, particularly their families. How sad it is.

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