Friday, April 02, 2010

Today is Good Friday and what does my brain dream about during the night, divided churches. My dream had us sitting through a church meeting in a Baptist church. The fighting was so intense. I don't remember what the fighting was about, but I remember seeing the faces of people that I love that attend that particular church (IRL) and they were crying. Weeping. Horrified to see what was happening to their church, knowing that the church no longer seemed to care why they were there, who they were supposed to be worshiping, serving. The sadness was overwhelming.

As we left this church in my dream, we walked past a park filled with statues and arches of some sort. At least 5o women were walking from across a little pond over to this area of the park. They were dressed in skirts and button-down blouses, but several of them wore habits. They walked as though they were zombies, straight-ahead, not looking around them at the beautiful spring scenery. Before long, several of the women were dancing in front of the statues and arches. My spirit felt sad.

Time to wake up. I wake up to the realization that my dream wasn't real, yet I know so many caught in churches that have lost their vision and so many others caught in idolatry. They go through each day believing that "church" is simply the building they go to on Sundays and that it's okay if their life isn't any different than their next door neighbors.

Today is the day we reflect on what it was Jesus did for us. Did He take it lightly? Did He do it so that we could just simply believe and never move beyond that? How does He want us to live our lives?

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