Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!  What an amazing thought it is to me that my children are grown and are beginning to have children of their own!  I am truly blessed!

In late March, my pastor of 19 years, resigned.  I wish I could fully express all that he did for me by encouraging my thirst and hunger for Elohim and His Word.  He is the man that finally listened to the Spirit when sharing with me and he led me to Yeshua.  Personally, it was hard to have him walk away, but it was time for he and his family to take a break from full-time ministry.  It's been time for quite awhile.  He has had a thirst for Hebraic things since I've known him and he introduced us to the fact that we are part of that heritage.  I'm grateful for his patience in dealing with me as we struggled to begin to get a handle on what Elohim is showing us.

Anyway....our music pastor has stepped in temporarily to fill the pulpit.  On top of all his new duties, his beautiful mother is in her final days here on earth.  She truly is a godly woman and will be greatly missed by all of us.  So, today, he preached a sermon on moms.  For our worship time he had asked members of the worship team for their mom's favorite hymns or spiritual songs.  My sweet daughter-in-law plays piano, so she asked me.  "Come Thou Fount" was the first song we sang today.  It's words never fail to stir me.  The other moms provided some awesome music as well.  What a joy!

At the end of the sermon, Pastor sang the song he wrote for his mom 6 months ago (shortly after her cancer diagnoses).  She couldn't be there today, she's reached the point of no longer eating and sleeping a lot, but he sang so beautifully for her.  I don't know how he did it without crying, there were many sniffles amongst the congregation, mine included!

Life can be so short.  We need to stop our quarreling over petty differences and simply love each other, enjoy each others company.  We were able to spend the evening with hubby's side of the family yesterday as we celebrated our 2nd to the youngest niece's upcoming graduation.  What a blessing to know that the majority of people there were believers and we have the hope of eternal joy together.  I was also blessed to learn that I and my friend are not alone in our curiosity and study of Messianic things.  I am so grateful that the Holy Spirit is such a gentle leader!

Tonight I get the spend the rest of Mother's Day with all my kids and my beautiful granddaughter!

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