Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's been 7 months since I last posted!  Oh my, what a 7 months it has been!!  I'm not sure even where to start, so I'll just start with November.

Actually, November was a pretty quiet month.  Harvest went well and we settled back into a quiet routine.  We were eagerly anticipating the birth of our first grandchild in December and there was much knitting to be accomplished!  I was hoping to also get some meals in the freezer for hubby for the time I was going to be gone, but didn't get around to freezing more than chili.

In early December we got a call from our daughter telling us she was dilated to a 4 and 50% effaced.  Suddenly, anxiety and joy filled us!  I wanted to hop in the car right that minute but wasn't sure hubby would want me to and wasn't sure that was what I was supposed to do.

I could not sleep that night!  I had a couple of projects for other people that had to be completed before I could even consider leaving for Missouri, so I was up at about 4 am getting those things finished.

I spoke with my daughter later that morning and could kind of hear in her voice a bit of apprehension.  I began to feel that I needed to get down there.  She was having pretty consistent pains, although definitely not progressive labor.  I spoke to hubby and he agreed.  I packed up quickly, prepared the house as best I could, and hit the road.

Baby didn't make her arrival until 2 1/2 weeks later!  However, it was so worth getting to spend that time with my daughter and son-in-law!  He felt better knowing someone was with her when he had to work and we got to spend some quality time before baby came.


Our sweet granddaughter right after her arrival!

Our entire family was able to come down for the weekend (Christmas weekend) to get to know sweet baby E.  It was so nice to reconnect with hubby and the other kids, I'd never been away from home for so long!  We had a couple of wonderful days!

I came home the following weekend, looking forward to the end of January when we would return to Missouri to move the kids and new grandbaby back home.

They made a trip back home a few weeks before the actual move in order to look for a job and a place to live.  The job worked out but it looked like they were going to be living with us for awhile.  Yay!!  I was not going to complain!!

The end of January we moved them home.  We moved them out yesterday.  Our son bought a home (a long, hard, frustrating journey) and it's bigger than ours so we moved our son and daughter-in-law in last week and our daughter and son-in-law in yesterday.

It's quiet again in my home and I miss all the baby paraphenlia, but this will be good.  They are looking at buying their own home soon and it will be so wonderful to have every settled and close.

Other things have been challenging for me, as well.  I simply cannot do Rav political groups anymore.  Elohim is doing something in my heart and the ugliness I see there just makes my heart ache.  There are certain people that are antagonists, bullies really.  I have to just stay away from that stuff.

I have been doing a lot of research and reading regarding Messianic things.  My pastor first introduced me to some of it about 4 years ago.  I thought he'd gone off his rocker!  However, the Spirit continues to draw me to those types of teachings and it's truly been eye-opening.  I'm so thankful for the gentle wooing and the great mercy and grace that Elohim continues to show me as I seek His truth.

Now that things are quiet around here again I hope to keep up better with my blog.  It is good to flesh things out this way!

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