Friday, April 26, 2013

I feel as though life has just been one big mass of crazy for the past couple of months.  Physically and emotionally exhausting!  The weather has been so very November-like that it has hard to get motivated to do anything and yet, it seems that there has been so much to be done!

The girls are growing so fast.  It is amazing to watch their learning and transitioning.  I think that when I was in the midst of raising my own children, I just took quick notice of their new things, wrote them in their baby books, and then moved on with the rest of the day.  With the granddaughters, I can just sit and watch them for long periods of time.  I so enjoy their different types of chatter.  E, the oldest, has conversations in her baby talk, while the little one is really starting to coo and babble.  There is something gloriously wonderful about a child growing and learning.  Some days I feel as though I just cannot get enough!

We've been getting a few things done around the house.  Two new windows put in (I've wanted the one behind the kitchen sink for so very long since it was nearly impossible at my height to be able to open and close it without first getting on a stool!), a new kitchen sink, and a really cool new faucet.  Since the weather has started to feel like spring this week, I've cleaned and organized my big main closet, getting a lot of the toys and kid items stored in an organized fashion.  I took several bags to the Salvation Army and am going to work on my clothes today.

Some things in life have been particularly challenging these past two weeks.  Oldest daughter has found herself in a real financial pickle and it's difficult to know how far to help.  I'm aware of some of her spending choices and they really bother me.  I'm aware that we've given sound advice numerous times that has not been taken.  I'm aware that boyfriend is not doing all that he could to help alleviate the situation.  Sometimes it keeps me awake at night.  I want God's best for her, but until she's willing to lay it all at His feet, her sin, her choices, her unbelief, I realize that very little will really change for her.  It makes me sad.  But, I know that God is in control and that He loves her.  She will find her way to Him, I have no doubt.

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