Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So much for a nice quiet Memorial Day weekend!  Friday night was non-stop thunderstorm and rain.  When we got up the basement was dry, 10 minutes later, 3 inches of water (which pretty much equaled what the outside had received)!  That is usually all that we get, so we did our usual clean-up and prep and went about our day.  I ended up with a massive migraine that included nausea like I hadn't had in years!!

The weather quieted down and we spent the evening with Great-Great Grandma.  We were looking forward to our little L's dedication on Sunday and went to bed fairly secure in the condition of the basement and excited for our family time the next day.  I remember waking up a few times and hearing it rain, but didn't think much of it.  Oops, big mistake!!

Around 4:00 am I heard a strange beeping and then a crash.  I woke hubby up and told him.  At about the same time, we realized it was our chest freezer beeping and that we'd better check things out.  This is what we saw...........

Now, granted, we have an old-fashioned basement, so it's not pretty, but it was semi-organized!  The water came up so fast and high that it actually picked up and moved the chest freezer. We got the sump pump going and started hauling!  We were forced to throw away a lot of stuff (which needed done anyway!) and it took several days to sort through some of it.

After about an hour and a half of cleaning, throwing, etc., we finally broke for breakfast and a little rest.  Hubby came in the livingroom from eating his breakfast and looked out our south window.  He made a funny sound and then asked me if I was seeing what he was seeing.  I looked and saw water in the fields farther up than I ever had, including 1993 and 2008! We decided we had to go sight-seeing!

This was what we saw when we popped over our hill!  I've never seen it up to that first curve before.

The road disappeared!

It was rushing fast!

The view from the top of our hill.

Looking the other direction

This was a first!  We'd never seen water in the field's to the east.

The view from the very top of the hill before our house.  We had lake front property for awhile!

We had a bit of a break to go to church for L's dedication.  We found out that a lot of people had water and some that had never had water in their basements before (including my in-laws!).

Just about time to go to church!
Making their commitment to raise her according to God's ways

The family!

4 generations!

It was a wonderful family time!  We were pretty exhausted by the time we were done, though, and knew we'd better get home to check out the situation.  

Things seemed to be getting better and then we watched the evening newscast!  They were predicting heavy rain....again!  We decided to call in the besties and have them help up get the freezer up on blocks and clean up what was left.  

Thankfully, we didn't have anymore heavy rain that night, but woke up to 3 inches or so yesterday morning.  They are predicting heavy rain again late tonight and especially tomorrow.  

I totally see why water is a picture of judgment!  It's awful to deal with!  

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