Thursday, July 23, 2015

Moving Forward...

In the past several days, I seem to keep getting confirmation that I am heading in the right direction. An introduction in a sample of a book I downloaded onto my Kindle helped me to see that the world's credentials aren't what matter in God's eyes. He has called me to something specific and He will equip me.

Almost out of the blue my son asked how my book(s) were coming.

This morning, this Scripture...

Deuteronomy 2:3 3 ‘You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn north,

I have been circling this mountain for quite some time and even spinning my wheels in some spots, but it is time to turn north, move forward, and accomplish something.

I'm struggling a bit with organization, though.  I have a few ideas for some subjects that I feel are important and timely for the church.  I have mind-mapped them and created outlines, now I just need to get busy and work through some of the chapter issues. I also have several ideas for children's books, fiction, but based on real-life and with a moral to each story. I am stuck, though, on what age group to direct them towards.  I tend to be pretty wordy which lends itself more towards upper elementary ages, but I also want to be able to share them with my toddler and preschool aged grandchildren.

I need to just sit down and attempt both and sit which is the better fit.

I am so thankful for the gentle "whacking" the Lord has given me in recent days, reminding me that I am His and that He has a purpose for me and will use all that I am in order to achieve that purpose!

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