Monday, September 21, 2015

So, with more time on my hands my family has encouraged me to spend more time with my blogging and writing and that is my intention.

We had a busy weekend.

Bible study on Thursday night....Leviticus is not the boring book that so many make it out to be! I'm learning so much and the connection to my Savior is just awesome!

We went to our local pregnancy centers fall banquet on Friday night. We have backed away from serving in 2004 due to their unwillingness to actually use the money they had stored up, but with a new board and director, things seems to be back on track. We were impressed to learn about their new connections within the community and how they help other services and other services help them. The fact that the county judicial system is now putting their services to work was also a good thing to hear.

Saturday we had our baby B for the day. She is such a joy and so expressive!  In the afternoon we went to see a live "Tabernacle" experience. It was wonderful!! Again, as Hebrews points out, all of the Old Testament rituals and ceremonies all point to the Messiah and it was such a blessing to walk through the replica and imagine how our forebears worshiped. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to enjoy it either.

Yesterday was filled with the grandchildren and moving cows across the road. Following Twitter hoping for spoilers from Downton Abbey. Making fun videos of the girls. A wonderful Sunday....

I do have a few topics in mind that I'm planning on fleshing out over the course of the next few days...disagreement...bearing false witness...overlooking someone's trespasses...

But, first, a busy couple of days...starting a new Bible study with 10 ladies today...Lysa Terkeurst's What Happens When Women Say Yes to God. Finishing up What's It Like to Be Married to Me by Linda Dillow tomorrow. Throw in the bookkeeping, grocery shopping, and all the other goodies of everyday life and you've got a full couple of days! Blessed!!

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