Monday, November 20, 2006

Boy, life needs to slow down a bit so that I can blog more!

It's been a busy couple of weeks. On Saturday, we had an awesome ladies event "Giving Thanks". It went so well!! God is so good and so faithful. I realize that while we need to plan for these things, I've found that it's best not to coordinate what each speaker is going to talk about (other than the general theme). In our case, I had a message in mind, I wanted each lady to find a favorite verse about giving thanks or that they were thankful for, and I had two ladies give their testimony. We also spent time talking about those people that have been important in our lives. God had a message for all of us and He worked it all out through all the messages. Two things that had been e-mailed to me fit perfectly. Verses were the same, the points were the same. It was so awesome!! Of course, there were tears, but as one wonderful lady put it, "There have been many tears here today, but they have been tears of joy." It is so wonderful to see women being real, sharing what God has done in their lives, how He has touched them in the everyday living of life and in the dangers and calamaties that come our way. Plus, the children all stayed in the nursery the entire three hours! That was a true miricle. That was such a blessing for the young moms, they could focus and not worry about their little ones.

So, my weekend was spent of a lovely mountain top, God is bringing to fruition what He burdened my heart with. It didn't matter whether we worked outside the home or stayed home, it didn't matter whether we homeschooled or public/private schooled, it didn't matter if we were young or old, rich or poor, we were just God's women ready to hear from HIM!

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