Monday, February 04, 2013

Well, shoot (she says in her Iowa twang), I missed the whole month of January!

This month has flown by!  I was sick with a nasty cold right after New Years.  Thankfully, it didn't lead into the flu, since we were eagerly awaiting the birth of our 2nd grandchild.

Our beautiful, L, was born on her due date!  I was able to attend again and it was such a huge blessing! We had a bit of a fright at the end, baby had a complete knot in the umbilical cord, but the mid-wife knew what she was doing and our little blueberry pinked right up!  She's just amazing!

 Meeting her little sister for the first time!

Big sister came home with us the first couple of nights so that Mommy & Papa could get some rest.  Since my oldest are 11 months apart, I know how exhausting it can be having a toddler and a newborn.  We've tried to be as helpful as possible this month without overstaying our welcome.  I think we've had a nice balance.

Oh my, but life is good!!

The week after the baby was born, we moved hubby's 98-year-old grandmother from the apartment she's been living in for the past 30 years to a more "assisted-living" type of environment.  She had had a bit of a scare earlier in the month and it just seemed like now was the time.  She is adapting very well and seems to really enjoy the place.  She is quite a social butterfly, so having all the activities and such is going to be very good for her since she gave up her vehicle.  What an amazing lady we have blessed to call "Grandma"!

And now, for my Ravelry friends, my Iowa accent...........

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