Friday, September 10, 2004

It's been a good week, I guess. I've been dealing with some depression, but that seems to come on every time I "get responsible". The house is coming together again. The piano is gone, so the dining room looks much bigger. A and I cleaned my closet out and we got rid of tons of stuff, including yarn that I'll never use! It looks great, I can walk in and move around! My sidewalk is almost done, the cement will get poured tomorrow morning!

Unfortunately, the truck is breaking down so J has to drive the old one for awhile. I guess we'll have to go shopping. We should have done it a long time ago.

These hurricanes in Florida have not helped my mood. I can't imagine what the people down there are feeling, expect for my uncle and his girlfriend-they are getting out of Dodge this time!

The anniversary of 9/11 is weighing heavily on my mind, also. We have the wife of a man that died in the towers going to our church. I so want justice for her. I want justice for all the families. I want justice for all of us who were frightened by lunatics. I'm really afraid if Kerry gets in office. I know that my liberties as a Christian will be threatened. I don't understand why the first amendment doesn't seem to apply to people of the Christian faith. I'm also afraid that the terrorists activities will flourish under the Kerry administration. There will not be justice (prison is not justice in these cases). We will live in a more fearful state than ever. (Especially those without faith). It's not our President's fault that this occured. When are people going to realize that it's not poverity or oppression that drives the terrorists, it's a hate of our immorality, our infidel status. They hate what this country stands for. Somedays, I'm tempted to say, "If you want a king, have a king" and get President Bush out of office. Give them what they want and then decide what was better. Of course, that would be bad for the rest of us.

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