Saturday, September 04, 2004

So much going on

Whew! This past week was a busy one.

On Tuesday, we took in a President Bush campaign rally. Loads of fun, enthusiasm, and pep, but it was hot and sweaty. We waited 1 and 1/2 hours to get out of the parking lot! It was worth it. We were very close and for the most part, agreed with what the President had to say. I'm not terribly fond of his ideas about education or health care-I think both systems are terribly flawed and are not constitutional-they should be dealt with at the state level.

My daughter and I went to visit a dear friend and her family a state away on Wednesday and Thursday. We had a good time. We drove through some beautiful country. It was hard to come home, but we had to.

Friday was spend catching back up on paperwork, etc..

I started my little Dale baby dress, but frogged it very early on. Restarted it last night and now we're going strong. I need to work on finishing my other Dale baby sweater today. It must get done!! I have several shows this fall and need to be working on items for those-knitting, tatting, and crocheting.

I'm looking forward to a lazy Labor Day weekend!

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