Saturday, February 12, 2005

Do you ever?

Do you ever lay in bed at night and compose blog entries? I do. Morning comes, entry forgotten! I know it was brilliant, but now it's gone!

Gone! Gone! Gone!!

Even now, I sit here and try to consider what I want to write. Do I write about my dog, Liberty, who decided she needed out in the middle of the night and due to my strange obsession with my dog, I stayed up waiting for her to want back in. Keep in mind, I live in the country, she is a good sized dog and she barks when she wants back in, but due to the incredible population of coyotes around here, I get all worried! She seemed to be enjoying chasing after something every time I opened the door to try to get her back in, so I finally crawled back into bed. At 3:00 am, she barked. Ugh! I missed a good 2 to 2 1/2 hours of sleep!

We do have a ridiculous amount of coyotes around here. Thursday night, hubby was gone in the truck, I crawled into bed around 11:00 and one howled outside my bedroom window. Sat me straight up! They are ruthless animals. We have a llama to protect our sheep, he gets very shook up when the coyotes start howling. He runs the fenceline and can't stand being seperated from the sheep. Llama's will actually kill coyotes. They throw them down with their strong neck and sit on them to suffocate them. They are natural enemies to any canine, so you have to get them used to your family dog! We used to only hear the coyotes once or twice during the summer, now we hear them year round. We hear them running their litters of pups in the spring and fall. They yip and bark and carry on. So, I don't like the dog out at night, it just bugs me.

I get to make two trips to the big city today. 1st-lunch with my sister-in-law and help her get to the auditorium. The freeway system and area around the auditorium are under construction and it's just a mess, so if you don't drive it frequently, it's easy to get lost. Then back home and a quick trip north for my nephew's basketball game, then back home and back to the big city for supper out with hubby. Since he was stuck in the truck on Thursday night, he actually called and invited me on a Valentines Date! Of course, I accepted!

I'm also hoping to pop into the bookstore and pick up "Scarf Style" by Pam Allen. I want to make something with KnitPicks new angora and there is there perfect scarf in that book and all the online shops seem to be out of the book. I checked Border's inventory from home and they say they have a copy of it, so I'm hoping it will be mine by evening!

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Anonymous said...

Hm...I don't usually lie in bed at night thinking of entries, but I do walk around the house & think of funny things & then they pop out of mind when I sit down to type! :P I do the same thing when I get into a book or music store, I suddenly can't remember what music I listen to or what books I read!

Wow! Coyotes! I forget about you see them in the daytime?

How neat that you have a llama...I'd love one! I had no idea that they were brutal coyote killers...that's interesting...I'll have to tell the girls that.

Have fun in the BIG CITY! Is that Des Moines?? Never been to Iowa.

Let me know what you think of the KnitPicks yarn...I've had my eye on it too!

God bless!