Monday, February 21, 2005

What a busy weekend! Ladies Breakfast, bridal shower, supper out with Great-grandma, Daytona 500 party. I'm still tired!

I was glad that I put in the effort to make Kara's bridal blessing bag. She was quite surprised and excited by it. The tradition began with her soon-to-be sister-in-law. I made one for her and all the moms in our group wrote blessings for the couple. We put them in the bag and she carried it with her bouquet on her wedding day. It was a wonderful tradition to begin. I do pray that Kara and the groom will be truly blessed in their new married life.

We really enjoyed the Daytona 500, especially the last 25 laps or so! Very exciting stuff!

I've been knitting on a couple of different scarves, hoping to finish up a couple fo them soon! I have a lot of other ideas and projects in the works, but there aren't enough hours in the day.

We've been having lambs every day for a week. On Friday night, we had a set of quadruplets! That only happens about once out of every 2000 births. They are all doing well. They are all equal sizes and good sized, to boot. We are having to supplement momma's milk, but that's to be expected with four babies. We also had several sets of triplets and twins. Today was a rather emotional day. My 14-year-old son ended up having to pull a lamb. The ewe had given birth to two already, but the foot of the third has been sticking out for over an hour. He had to work for over a half-an-hour to pull the lamb. Of course, it was gone before it was born. It was an emotional afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Quads! WOW! Sorry to hear about the one lamb you lost. That's always difficult.
So... were you disappointed with the Daytona winner? I know you were probably cheering Michael Waltrip on.