Monday, April 14, 2008

I've tried to avoid thinking much about the FLDS compound that was raided and all the children and moms were taken away. It's one of the "religious freedom" vs. law things and it's hard to wrap my brain around. Well, this morning, watching the Today show, I've thinking a bit more of the subject.

I totally agree that what those men have been doing is abuse, I see the state perpetrating more abuse on the wives and children by keeping them separate. From the news report, they have been separate for about a week. The children, who have only lived sheltered lives, are being subjected to examinations and questions, not to mention culture shock. The wives, some not much older than most of the children, are fearful and worried that they won't get their children back. While I don't agree with their religious practices, they know nothing different. Yes, one young woman was able to recognize what was going on and make that call, and yes, this should have been made public and the men should face prosecution, but, I don't think many of the women even understand that life can be different. This is all they have ever known.

Dr. Phil--is he nuts? He bonded out the ring leader of the cheerleaders that beat up the other girl in Florida and then put it on the internet.

We had a fairly quiet weekend. S and I spent Saturday dinking around, watching Godfather 2, and then the evening was spent at Great-Grandmas. Hubby fixed her sewing machine table so that it would fit her new machine.

Yesterday, Hubby and our friend started working on the basement. This could come together more quickly than I thought.

I get to relax again today, well, at least take my time doing what I need to get done. I definitely want to start my niece's bridal stole.

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Maggie said...

Wow, I've gotta start watching the news more. What did Dr. Phil do? I agree they probably don't know anything else in that particular place, however I see FLDS women all the time shopping and checking out right before and behind me at Wal-Mart. They certainly know there is something more available to them.