Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Our pickup just got stolen (and has been returned)!!!! I was sitting in the living room playing Spider Solitaire and watching CSI New York and I heard S yell at J to come into her room. I just assumed that something was wrong with her computer and I didn't pay a whole lot of attention. I could hear voices, but I thought it was the kids and the next thing I knew they were flying down the stairs and they crash through the door and tell me that the pickup had just been stolen!!

They were absolutely positive so I called 911 while J woke hubby up. When J got back in the living room he looked out the window and saw that they had left a white van in our field gate. I told this to the 911 operator and he said that they had a report of a stolen white van in town. My anxiety went through the roof! The sheriff showed up and checked out the van and then came and took our statement. He went down to see if he could find the keys to the van and then all of a sudden he was flying up the road. About 15 minutes later the sheriff's department called and said that we could come and get the pickup, they had the boys in custody, and didn't want us to have to pay a tow fee. They only had the pickup for about 30-45 minutes, but they ran a quarter of a tank of gas out of it, threw out all the trash and the ashtray (makes me wonder if there wasn't a little illegal drug activity) and make it smell like a cigarette factory. They were only 15 and now face 2 counts of grand theft auto, each. The sheriff said that they were on their way to the juvenile home.

They deserve their punishment. What bugs me most about this whole thing though is...where are their parents? Are these kids so bored that they have to resort to criminal activity to get a thrill or are they seeking attention, any kind of attention?

The more I look at this sad world, the more I long for Jesus' return. And, yet, there is so much work to be done and these kids need something to live for, purpose, hope. Obama can never truly give hope, only Jesus Christ can do that.

Oh, Lord, stir in the hearts of your people to reach out to the lost. Give us boldness in sharing Your Word, Your mercy, Your grace. Grant us wisdom to face the challenges that lie in this godless society that we live in. Lord, pour out your Spirit on all believers and supply their needs in order that they may lead others to Your Son and the great salvation that He died to give to all.

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God bless you more :)
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