Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More details on our graduation weekend.

The weekend before had been cold and icky and I was getting nervous since we'd planned an outside party. As the week began, I just started saying a tiny prayer every time I watched the news and as the week wore on, they kept raising the temperature and taking out rain chances. The entire weekend turned out absolutely glorious!! They were the best couple of days we'd had since last fall.

We had an awesome turnout for the party, over 80 people. We still ended up with leftovers, but I would rather do that than run out of food. The kids had a great time making lego inventions and then "blowing them up" with firecrackers (all supervised by experienced folks!). What started at 6:00 pm didn't end until 11:00. It was so nice to see people that we hadn't seen in quite some time and some folks drove a couple of hours to get here, which really meant a lot!!
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