Sunday, May 25, 2008

The rain came to an end and we now have the floor to the "pit". Looks like some strange, modern coliseum.

It seems like the last two weeks have just been non-stop. We got graduation out of the way and then construction started. Hubby woke up with a sore throat and exhausted this morning, so we skipped church and he slept. He seems to be feeling better now and I've been able to get a bit done on my niece's wedding stole. I've had to decide on a different pattern, the first one I chose was just getting the best of me!

S and I had quite an interesting conversation with a very interesting young man yesterday. He has been taking classes at a tiny Baptist college and much of his studies have been about counseling. One of the many things that has been disturbing to me over the course of the past year is the way that the church is missing the boat when it comes to really comes to reaching the people that need Jesus the most. There are so many people out there in the world who just do not fit into the typical middle class box that so many churches try to pigeon hole people into. These are people that have been deeply traumatized. They have been raised in a world without hope, and some people believe that it's better not to have hope. So, we have young people (and old) self-mutilating, either due to internal pain or a need to feel pain. Anyway, I was so pleased to hear what he'd been learning. It's definitely out of the box. His heart has been softened towards those that are different from himself and he is much less likely to make a quick judgment call based on some external.

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