Sunday, July 17, 2005

It's been a busy weekend!

We spent Friday at an antique tractor show with our "Homespun Family". It was so hot! We couldn't spin or knit, the wool and yarn wouldn't slide through our fingers.

On Saturday, we went to our county fair where my 17-year-old daughter had three knitting projects judged for 4-H, and I judged the open class needlework entries. Open class didn't have many entries and the quality was down. This was the third year that I've judged and I'm taking a break next year.

Darling daughter faired very well!! Three blue ribbons and two of those projects are going to the State Fair. She was thrilled! Her poncho and her felted purse are going to the state level. She received Grand Champion purple rosettes for those projects as well. Ah, someone following in her moms footsteps!

We returned to the antique tractor show today, husband in tow. He has a very late load time tonight, so he was able to join us. We rarely get much time together on Sundays, usually just church and a meal, so it was nice to have him alone.

My hand is feeling better. I didn't knit for a day, wore a carpal tunnel glove and then knit on my shawl with bigger needles than my baby sweaters. That helped tremendously. When I started knitting again I wore a thermaglove and that helped too. I also got a new mouse with a track ball and a wrist rest for the mouse-it hurt like crazy to try to use the regular mouse. I'm more watchful for the symptoms now.

115.2 vs 24.4 is just the dial-up speed with which I can get on the internet! (Hey Lottie, so good to hear from you!!! E-mail me! I think of you often!)

Well, I'm going to relax a bit.

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lottie said...

Congratulations to your daughter! She looks great & so does the knitting! :)

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