Thursday, July 14, 2005

So, I'm at a friend's house and she get 115.2 compared to my average 24.4, so I'm blogging!

It seems the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome is rearing it's ugly head! A combination of humidity, tiny needles and cotton yarn. So, no knitting for a few days! We have a Homespun Family event, but I guess I'll just have to talk about knitting.

Our visit with Baby A and her parents was really nice yesterday. She's doing so well and is just adorable.

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lottie said...

Hiya Dawn! I haven't looked on your site in awhile but I've been thinking about you!

What does your friend have 115 of? I'm confused! :)

Take a couple of days of knitting for that wrist...or better, stay of the computer! I think that helps me more!

God bless!