Saturday, April 29, 2006

As a part of my recent "clean it all" productivity spree, I went through all of my stash and got all the summer baby projects lined up. Each project is in a labeled ziploc bag, each pattern is in my "current projects" notebook, each pattern is labeled with the recipients name. Since there are 7 babies coming between June and August and I know that 4 of those are boys (what's with all the boys!!!???), I felt like being prepared was a good thing. Now, as I finish them, I can just grab the next bag and keep knitting.

I was able to get S's sweater fixed and the left front attached to the back. I started Baby D's Dale baby sweater. I need to finish weaving in the ends on my Olympic sweater. I have trouble getting started with that, but once I do, it's not so bad.

I sent a letter to Moose. I shared with him a little about my life and my testimony. I'm praying that God will be glorified and that Moose will be receptive to the message. God is certainly during a work there, more than I can reveal here, but I have no doubt that I was to contact Moose. It really is amazing how God works in such fine detail in our lives. I'm so grateful for dear friends who pray and encourage! I'm also grateful for new friends who's only desire is to be obedient to God and to share His life giving message.

I'm a little down today, though. I was able to do my 5-mile and felt good doing it, but it hasn't really helped my mood as it usually does. I can't really elaborate on here about the struggles, but I know that God is in control, no matter how badly I want to fix, analyze, control, or correct the situation.

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