Friday, April 20, 2007

Partial-birth abortion has been deemed illegal. I can't believe it took this long to do what only makes sense. All types of abortion are murder, but this is particulary heinous. The "health" of the mother is also a misnomer. You have to undergo the entire labor process to have an abortion this way, so a physically ill woman could not endure it and if it were for a women's mental health (a slippery slope argument), this would be bring more harm than good. To suggest that this puts "women's rights" back is a ridiculous claim. In fact, the right to terminate a child's life puts women's rights back.

Instead of screaming about the right to terminate a child's life, maybe the "feminists" should wake up to the idea of keeping their legs together. Simplistic, I know, and the old "what about rape? what about incest?" argument then pops up, but those occasions are extremely rare and it is still not the child's fault.

I'm having trouble with feeling mercy or compassion for the misguided media, the liberal lobby, those who spout their opinions without fact or sense. I'm trying to pray for them, but it is often a difficult undertaking.

Praise God, though, the weather is taking a nice turn. We've had nice temps and sunny days this week and that always makes one feel better.

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Sue Woo said...

Okay I am not clear about your position. Is it okay for a person to get an abortion if she's raped? are you a rape survivor?