Friday, February 29, 2008

Baby is all better! This picture was taken about 1/2 hour after the one asleep in the chair. The heating pad worked!

Yesterday continued with lots of excitement around the dead deer. The coyotes didn't come back, but by late evening, our local pair of bald eagles were enjoying a lovely dinner. They were chasing off the crows and the other deer that move through there in early evening. Hubby says that they are back again this morning.

This weekends weather looks better than it has from awhile. I'm excited!!

My youngest is graduating in a couple of months. This is bringing on interesting feelings lately. Things like the "101 Dalmatians" commercial makes me melancholy, we use to watch that over and over when the kids were little. Last night Hubby, middle daughter and I watched "The Return of the King" (well, got through the first half) and it made me miss reading together as a family. I think my favorite part of homeschooling was our reading times. I loved reading out loud and discussing what we were reading. I guess it's time to wait until I can read to grandbabies.

There are so many things I'm looking forward to by having adult children, on the other hand, it's proving to be more a life change than I anticipated. In talking to others that are going through the same transitions, I'm seeing the same things. There is a feeling of facing the unknown. There are questions about their marriages, what their purpose is now, and many others. I'm praying that the Lord will give us the tools to make it safely through the transition, I know that He will.

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