Thursday, February 28, 2008

This morning has already been a crazy morning. Last night the coyotes were thick due to a dead deer by our creek. They were howling and barking, it was awful. We kept Liberty in knowing that it would be a bad situation. This morning we figured they had all gone into their dens with nice full tummies and so we let Lib out to go potty, etc., and before long we had to get the guns out to shoot at the coyotes (they are in season, perfectly legal!) because they were chasing Liberty. I had to stay in the house so I was crying and praying for God's protection over her. She's just the best dog I've ever had! The coyotes were so close to the buildings that my husband could have thrown something at them and hit them! The guns frightened them away and Liberty is safely in the house sleeping off the excitement. She's going to have to be carefully watched until the deer is gone. The crows are working on that, too!

We've also got another baby in the house...he was born yesterday, but is very tiny and was too cold this morning, so he's relaxing in Liberty's chair on the heating pad. Hopefully we caught him soon enough.

I'd better get in the tub. The furniture repair man is supposed to be coming today to fix our loveseat and while he probably won't be here at the beginning of the time he quoted, I'd better not count on that and be ready.

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