Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I was blessed to see biblical parenting in action today.

First we visited Baby A, M, and C. Baby C is absolutely adorable! Mom is a very young mom and she and her husband have been through some fires since their marriage. Baby A was born at 30 weeks. She is healthy, whole, and full of vim and vinegar! Baby M was born about 15 months later and he too is doing very well. Baby C is just about 17 months younger. You would think that mom would be pulling her hair out, that she would be frazzled, and that the house would be a mess. You would think you might see snotty noses and crabby children. But, the truth is, it was the exact opposite! The kids are happy and healthy. The house is lived in, but clean. Mom is calm and satisfied. Her contentment is something I wish I had had when my children were her age. I so often wish that I had known then what I know now. We really enjoyed our morning with them all.

After dinner we enjoyed the afternoon with Baby A(2) and Baby K and their mom. Again, we were able to witness the joy and contentment of choosing to live biblically! Baby A is a few months short of being 2 and she is going through the touching thing and tempting mommy to respond. Mommy did respond and sometimes in a firm manner, but after every time of discipline (which was so lovingly administered!) Baby A would come to mommy and very joyfully hug her. She would laugh and smile and exhibit obedience. Mommy didn't make a big deal of the disobedience, she would just calmly mention what Baby A was doing wrong and then if Baby A chose not to obey, mommy would calmly, in the midst of conversation, administer a bit of discipline. It was such a blessing to see biblical living in action.

Unfortunately, the sweater that I made needs to have it's neck enlarged since Baby K is quite a good sized baby. Shouldn't take much to fix it and it will give us another excuse to go and visit!

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