Sunday, January 03, 2010

2010 so far? COLD!!! It's been very cold here, but I'm very thankful that none of us have had any serious problems with it, other than a frozen livestock waterer, which is pretty normal.

Yesterday, S and I and my best friend and her two youngest went to the big city for some eats, a little shopping, and to see The Princess and the Frog. We were stunned with how many people were at the mall when it was -10 outside! There were people everywhere. The parking was bad, due to folks who decided to park in places they shouldn't have because of the giant snowdrifts. We sat in the parking lot watching a lady adjust her GPS system for about 10 minutes while her automatic door on her van wouldn't shut because of the cold. She knew we were waiting, there were many others in the lot also waiting, but she chose to take her sweet time. Finally, she backed out. Ugh!

We enjoyed a yummy lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (shared the Chicken Madeira with S--so good!). For dessert, all 5 of us shared a piece of Stefanie, their red velvet cake and cheesecake cheesecake! Oh, so good and so rich. 5 of us couldn't finish one piece!

Then we were off to the movie. I guess I had forgotten how much nasty stuff can be in a Disney movie. I was excited to see the first African-American princess, but was disappointed that it was pretty stereotypical. The voodoo and the Shadowman were just creepy, in fact, they were pretty scary. There were some cute parts and the message was okay, but all in all, I think I (and the kids) would have enjoyed Alvin and the Chipmunks much better!

We did a little more shopping and then headed for home. The traffic was pretty thick and people seemed to have their dumb helmets on, but we made it safely home. I've been fighting some swollen glands for the past couple of days (seems to be a virus going around), so today will be relaxation and knitting after church (with a little dishwashing and laundry thrown in for good measure!).

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