Saturday, January 09, 2010

Today we went to a baby shower for E. I made her this little green sweater for her new little girl, expected any day now. We had a fun time. Lots of games and laughter!
We had to run to daughter's workplace to pick up her schedule, so I thought I'd get some snow shots in the bright sunlight.

This is coming down our highway. That's not our gravel road ahead, but look at where the snowplow plowed through!
Now we're going down our road. This is by our north neighbors house.

Coming up the final hill to home. Doesn't look to bad, yet..........
Still climbing, drift coming into view.
More drift.
More drift.......
Finally heading down the hill towards home. It took the snowplow six tries to bust that big ole drift this morning. It's only January 9th, I wonder what the rest of winter will bring!

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