Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The funeral yesterday was small but nice. There were aspects of it that were very hard, but there were moments of sheer joy as we sang a couple of Vada's favorite songs (He Arose! and It is Well).

We said good-bye to her husband, as well, as he heads home to California with the kids tomorrow (weather permitting, we're in for another storm!). He has been suffering from cancer himself and is very weak and tired, it's hard to tell if he hears you or not. Well, my son and I went to say good-bye and one of the older ladies sitting next to him pointed out to Phil that my son is getting married this year. He lifted his head, his eyes lit up and he said, "Your life begins when you get married." J and I looked at each other, and J said, "That's what I've heard." It was such a sweet moment. Phil and Vada were blessed to have celebrated their 50th anniversary this past August, so I would say that Phil knows what he's talking about!

One of the things that most touched me about the funeral were the words her children and grandchildren shared about Vada. How unselfish, family-focused she was. How her marriage and children always came first. How there was no one that she wouldn't share her faith with or just plain give a little love to. I want that kind of legacy!

As I said above, we're looking at another snowstorm coming. We're only at the beginning of January and this has been a loooooooooong winter!

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